Stealth Mode

I was in Wal-Mart last night picking up some groceries, when I suddenly spotted the turkeys.  They were there in the freezer just like they are every year, but this year is different.  A cold chill ran up my spine and into my heart as I stared at them.  This is the first Thanksgiving my parents won’t be here.

 I swerved up a different isle trying to keep the tears from coming and feeling the waves of grief that comes with them.  It didn’t help; everywhere I looked there were more reminders.

 Then I started getting texts from my friend and (used to be) neighbor.  He had spotted my car in the parking lot and Lindsey sitting in it.  He said “hi” to her then started texting me as if he were stalking me in the store.  It was so funny it made me laugh.  He told me he was looking for me and if he found me I would have to pay for his groceries. 

 We went in stealth mode through the store, I checked out first and made it to the car. Whew!

 I texted him to let him know I made it, he laughed and said, “dang it!”

I am thankful for my friends with amazing sense of timing and a wonderful sense of humor.  You just can’t beat that.

 Cherry Coley ©

Just Being Me

Today I am thankful I am me.

Saying I am thankful I am me sounds a bit conceited perhaps, but I am truly thankful that we are each of us wonderfully and individually made.  There’s not a single person that is identical to another person inside and out.

 What a great gift to wake up in the morning and realize today we have the opportunity to show the world who we are.  We can use our talents, work our hardest, give our best, be goofy, and be authentic. 

 No matter who you are or what your station in life might be, realize that there is only one you.  No one else can ever take your place.  You have a purpose, a reason you are here.  Don’t give up or let yourself become complacent, the world needs you, we need you.

Look in the mirror today and say, “Today, I am thankful I am me.”   Then let the people in your life know you are thankful for them.

 Cherry Coley ©

Lawn Mower Mishaps and Running Dogs

I bought a lawn mower over the weekend, but it was really too wet outside to mow.  So I decided to mow tonight.  The yard wasn’t too bad, because my landlord had been mowing it for me, but his mower died last week so the back yard had not been mowed in a couple of weeks.  That wouldn’t have been bad either if it hadn’t been raining so much.

 I was a bit nervous checking the mower over and preparing to use it for the first time.  I really didn’t want to blow the thing up the first time I used it or something.  My neighbor (a retired military man) watched me for a few minutes then came over and helped me read the hieroglyphics they call an instruction manual.  Then he started it for me. 

 Our back yard is not that big, but the front yard is huge!  I didn’t realize how big it really was until I was mowing it last night.  It’s a brand new lawn mower with an owner that doesn’t know much about mowers.  I was almost done with the front yard when I remembered that I’d gotten a self-propelled mower and what the other bar on the mower was for.  I pulled that thing back and almost had to run to keep up with the mower!  It would’ve been nice if I’d have remembered that earlier. 

 I know my neighbor got a kick out of watching me mow, especially when I finally discovered the self-propelled bar and suddenly started taking really long steps.  I had just started toward the back yard when my neighbors two black labs got out and both came to get a closer look at me. 

 The started running around me barking and wagging her tail, while my neighbor also ran around me trying to get his hands on the dog.  The boy lab was relieving his self by the end of the driveway and kind of watching the girl making their master run in circles.  I stopped moving.  The neighbor finally got a hold of the girl lab and went to put her in the yard. 

 Meanwhile, Rex, (the boy lab) waited until he was behind the wooden fence and took off running in wide circles around and around our house.  So then neighbor and his wife are chasing Rex around our house.  I felt like I was in a cowboys and Indians episode.  I didn’t know whether to keep mowing, join in the chase, or stand still. 

 The neighbors wife finally nabbed Rex and the chase was over.  Whew!  So then I went in our back yard and started mowing, but it was getting dark pretty fast and the grass was already feeling a bit damper because the air was cooling off for the night.  I got about ¼ of the yard mowed and the bag got too full, popped off the mower, I was suddenly covered in grass and the mower choked.  I got it restarted and mowed another strip, the mower choked again.  It was really too dark to see and I was itchy by  then so I stopped.  My backyard has a mow-hawk.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

 Cherry Coley ©




Casey’s Comet

A little over a year ago we added a little fuzzball to our family.  My friend was looking to find the somewhat scrawny little thing a home.  We kind of debated on what to name him for a while, but when he runs he is fast and the person he runs after is Casey.  So we dubbed him Comet, because when he chases a ball, cat or squirrel he leaps into the air and tries to fly.

Comet has grown quite a bit, which is saying something since he was supposed to be a small dog.  He is a Pominese.  Half Pekinese and half Pomeranian he was supposed to be kind of the size of a jack Russell, but with a lot more hair.  Instead he is the size of a Pekinese but has the Pomeranian look.   

 Choosing a pet can be fun and should have lots of thought behind it.  After all a pet is a big commitment, they become a member of the family and they have an opinion about just about everything. 

Comet is very proud of himself.  He loves taking baths, getting his hair dried (though he barks at the drier) and prances around all fluffed up and knowing he’s a pretty boy afterwards. 

Comet does all sorts of tricks, playing fetch, walking on his hind legs, praying, sit, beg, we haven’t got him to play dead yet, he’s just got so much energy the idea of lying still is really hard for him!   

He is a good dog, a good friend, and of course watches over all of us.  Small dogs have courageous hearts and would take on the biggest beast if they thought it threatened someone they loved.  Comical and fun, we gave him a home, but he gave us so much more. 

Cherry Coley ©

People Watching

I occasionally work on the weekends doing demonstrations and handing out samples at Target.  I started working this job for several reasons: extra money, meeting new people, expanding my horizons by doing something different, and my favorite thing – people watching.

Today I was handing out the Lindt Lindor milk chocolate bunny samples.  They were tiny bite sized versions of the larger Easter bunnies and they were delicious!

My favorite part of this job?  Sure, I like seeing the parents hand their children the little bunnies and watching their faces light up, but more than that I LOVE giving those little bunnies out to the older people

There were three older women, probably in their mid to late 60’s that were just plain giddy when they were handed the bunnies.  One of them laughed and clapped her hands before taking the bunny.  Then they all started talking about Easters from their childhood, hunting eggs, going to church on Easter Sunday and the tricks they used to play on each other.

Yep, that’s what I enjoy, the interaction with people of all ages and just for a moment, getting a small glimpse into another life.  It makes me want to gather a whole lot of eggs and Easter bunnies and head to the nursing homes or children’s ward of the hospitals to wish them a Happy Easter.   How wonderful to have an opprotunity to share a smile with someone else for a moment.  I know it really made my day.

Cherry Coley (c)