I Don’t Feel So Merry

christmas1It’s Christmas time.  Yesterday we had snow, just a light dusting, and it was beautiful.  There is a chill in the wind today, it makes me want to stay home by the fire and drink hot cocoa

I have been looking at Christmas decorations, but they don’t seem quiet as sparkly as they used too.  I have been avoiding Christmas music for the most part.  I simply cannot listen to much of the Christmas music yet.

I am trying, but the truth is I just don’t feel the Christmas spirit much this year.  I try to remember last year, but all I can think of is that my days with my mom were running out and I didn’t know it.  Instead she and I stayed up late talking on Dec. 11th.  We were talking about  how everything was going to be different without dad, and we should try to make new Christmas  traditions. 

We had a long conversation that night about past Christmas’, about new plans, about the Bible and our beliefs, about my kids and our family.  Mom and I talked late into the night enjoying each others company.  I missed her,  I had not seen her in a week or two since Casey was working and using my car more.

Now, the song that best describes how I feel is “Where Are You Christmas?”  The answer is, I am not sure.  I think Christmas is the same, the spirit is the same, it is me that has changed.  I am still healing, still searching for answers that don’t exist and longing for conversations I will not get to finish until I see my mom and dad again someday.

This Christmas is a little better than last year, but it still hurts, aches.  Yet I know that time, faith, and hope will eventually heal the hurts, though they won’t fill the gaping hole left in my heart where my parents once lived.  I miss them. 

If you’re parents are still here, take the time to go see them.  If they need you, listen, and be there for them as they were for you.  If you have family you haven’t talked to in awhile, here’s your chance, your excuse, break the ice, heal the rift and share the love while you still can.  Christmas is about love and that is the greatest gift of all, don’t miss out on this free and wonderful gift.

Cherry Coley (c)


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Feel So Merry

  1. Keep healing, Cherry. Be assured that you’ve tapped into the one real Life force, the Holy Spirit, because this baby Jesus has made it possible. Because of Christmas, you can receive power directly from God for your healing. And because of him, you can see your parents again some day. That’s the Christmas spirit, and I have a hunch that you’re on the right track. The Christmas spirit hasn’t changed. And maybe you have, but it can be for the better. Focus on the hope that this season offers, and you will find the “peace on earth” that this season was meant to bring. Sweet change, indeed.

    Thanks for a great post.

  2. I understand how you feel. I am getting ready to celebrate the fifth Christmas without my mom. Christmas was her holiday, she went all out. Now it’s just not the same for me. I miss her so much right now. I still haven’t put up a tree or gotten most of my Christmas gifts. The holiday spirit won’t hit me until Christmas Eve, when I go to church. So I just need to push myself to get things done. I try to make Christmas special for my kids. I wrote a blog a few days ago about celebrating the holidays without a loved one (http://peace4me521.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/holidays-wo-loved-one/). Wishing you peace. Hugs.

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