Time to Go!

Today I am thankful for transportation.  Sometimes traffic can be a pain, you have to watch out for other drivers on the road and road hazards as well.  Yet what a privilege to be able to get a license to drive and to have the opportunity to buy a vehicle of your own choosing.

Think about what it must have been like prior to cars.  There were buggies, carriages, chariots, wagons, trains, and horses.  Other than that, you just walked if you wanted or needed to go someplace.  Back then if a family member moved away there was a pretty good chance you might never see them again.

Despite all the complaining about the roads, construction, traffic issues, and the price of gas, I think we overlook the fact that we have it so much easier than our ancestors even on our worst days.

We can get in our cars with friends or family and travel places in a short amount of time that might have taken weeks, months or even years to get to before. We can travel in comfort with windows that help block sounds, smells, dust, wind, debris, and even the sun.  We can turn on air conditioning or heat at will.

I am thankful I am here in this time and place in history and be able to travel in safety with my children and loved one’s beside me.  I am thankful for all the forms of transportation we have available to us.  I am thankful that if a family member decides to move away or travel, it doesn’t have to be the last time I see them.

Cherry Coley (c)