Kung Fu Spider!

My daughter knows Kung Fu the instant she walks into a spider web.  Wonder what the spider thinks, “Holy crap that’s a big bug!!” 

 I love looking at spider webs even though the spiders do kind of creep me out.  I really like looking at them through glass, because then they can’t jump on me.  It truly is amazing though the detail and design of spider webs.  Our houses or even tents are not near as versatile as the portable web that can be folded up or reconstructed as necessary. 

 Webs are made in so many shapes and sizes, built to fit the terrain around the spider and according to what they wish to catch.  Webs that are frosted or graced with drops of water are beautiful to behold, but I bet it’s pretty frustrating for the spider.  Wonder if it goes out there and jumps up and down to knock the water off?

 I swear my parents’ house was built on something strange because the animals in their backyard would get really big!  Grass snakes were 2 feet long and they had a toad the size of a Frisbee.  The freakiest thing was going out there and seeing a spider web that covered my entire bedroom window and a BIG A$$ spider that was easily the size of my fist with long dangly legs!  My face locked in a silent scream as I pointed it out to my dad.  He stood there staring at it a minute trying to decide whether to get a shovel or a gun to get rid of it.

 My other spider night mare was when I went to the zoo on a field trip with the daycare my mom worked at.  I was a teachers helper that year and the zoo keeper handed me several baby animals to hold then show the kids.  I got to hold a baby raccoon, a baby possum (that wrapped its tail around my finger), a baby hedgehog, and then they put a tarantula in my hand and told me not to move.  I was standing still on the outside and running away screaming on the inside.  The zookeeper wondered why I was so pale, and just as he took the tarantula away another one thought they would drape a snake on my shoulders – NO!!  I ducked out from under it, my feet were not failing me that time!  I ran towards the door, missed it, and ran into the glass, knocked myself out for about 2 minutes. 

 Yes, I love looking at spiders and studying about nature.  This world we live in is absolutely fascinating, from the pages of TIME and National Geographic and, of course, through glass.  As for me, I have been known to break out in Kung Fu moves when walking into a spider web myself, not sure if the spider found it humorous, but my neighbors have.

 Cherry Coley ©

Hair Confusion

I am suffering from hair confusion.  For those who have never experienced this, it is when your hair naturally parts one way (for me, on the right) and the hair stylist decides to cut it to part the other way (on the left).  So now my hair doesn’t know what it wants to do.  It still WANTS to part on the right, but since it isn’t cut that way, I have to try to make it go left.  It works for about an hour, maybe, then my hair gives up and just lays there in confusion. 

 One day the back half of the part was on the right and the front half was on the left.  It will still part in the middle too, but it doesn’t look good that way either.  I don’t know, I think it deserves a ponytail so it doesn’t have to try to fit into a mold that it wasn’t supposed too.  I mean, I don’t want to stress my hair out, right?

 One good thing about hair is that it grows. 

 Cherry Coley ©