You are Important!

Don’t you hate it when you are in the middle of a conversation and suddenly you get lost?  The person talking is emotional and the subject is important, but somehow some where they changed subjects or switched things a little in the middle of their talk and you are struggling to get back on track and figure out what they are talking about. 

Don’t panic, it happens sometimes to the best of us, especially if it’s someone with a different personality than yours.   What to do?  Don’t just let them go on with their story and stay lost hoping they will say something that brings you back into the conversation, gently stop and ask for clarification.

It’s important in good communication that you follow what the other person is saying are understand what they need you to understand.  I have been one that would allow the conversation to go on thinking I understood, then come to find out later that I really didn’t.

After looking at the different relationships in my life, I realize that in order to cultivate them and have more fulfilling friendships and deeper relationships with my family and the people I love that it’s more important for me to ask questions than to just assume anything at all. 

I wonder now at some of the relationships in my past.  Would things have turned out differently if we had communicated better?  I don’t know.  Perhaps, in some cases, we would have realized we didn’t have much in common earlier. 

The important thing to remember is that communication is vital to all relationships.  Take the time to share, watch facial expressions, make eye contact and really listen to what’s being said.  Show the people in your life that you appreciate, respect them and that they are important to you.

Cherry Coley ©

9 thoughts on “You are Important!

  1. I used to let the people go on…but now I always stop them. I’ve found I lose track more when I’m on the phone with someone because invariably I’m also doing something else. NOT being a good listener. But I cop to it and ask for clarification. And then only focus on them!

  2. I agree that communication is vital to our relationships. However, I feel that currently we are too dependent on social media like Facebook, Gchat and Twitter to “communicate” with our friends and family. I believe it is face to face talk that is true communication because modes of social media can cloud the message we are trying to send to our friends and family.

  3. Your last paragraph shares communication tips that are so vital in all walks of life ranging from your close friends, your life partner, your children and even your doctor. Thank you for posting this. It is soooo important and I appreciate the reminder.

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