Begin with the End in Mind

When you focus on the big picture or the end result, then it is easier to figure out how to get where you’re going.  This is not how I was taught to do things.  I was taught to make a daily to do list, set some goals both small and large to work towards, then go for it. 

To go towards a mark in the manner I was taught is challenging and requires an enormous amount of self control, not to mention it means to allow yourself to get distracted or even slightly off track can throw major kinks in the plan, leading to discouragement, disappointment and even make you want to just quit at times. 

To keep your eyes on the big picture, to focus on the end result means that your plans, your goals, your to do list become much more flexible and easier to work with.

In this life we are always free to choose our own paths, what we have no control over are the consequences and circumstances that come with them.  Yet if we are focusing on the end result then it doesn’t become a major disaster when things mess up because we are still focused on where we want to be instead of where we are at the moment.

The easiest way to keep the end result in mind is to create a sort of mission statement, something personal that fits you and where you want to be.  A personal mission statement is like a tree, planted and growing, putting down deep roots and continually reaching to be more. 

Seek out who you are, your talents, your hopes, your dreams, and don’t worry if you are older or restarting life after a big change, acquaint yourself with the person you are inside.  As we get older, we learn, we acquire new skills, new interests, all of which you can make part of your big picture or mission statement that you will focus on. 

What I have learned is that time can be a great intimidation.  There’s no such thing as a late bloomer, we all go at our own pace.  There’s no one keeping score or pointing fingers, no one knows your goals and dreams unless you choose to share them with someone else.  Everyone else is just a bystander.

So take the time to seek out your own interests, there are no wrong answers, just different choices to make.  Figure out your dream, where you want to be as the end result, then set out on a journey to get there.  Each step of the way, be it big or small is better than sitting, wondering, and doing nothing at all. 

Cherry Coley ©