Time as an Investment

Time is something we are constantly reminded of.  Each and every day there are commercials, signs, books, ads, all over the place reminding us of time passing, that we shouldn’t waste time, that time is creeping up on us, that time is getting away from us, that we should use time more wisely, on and on it goes.  If you listen to all the hype too much it starts to get to you and you feel stressed, hurried, and constantly worried that time is running out.

Time is, no doubt, our most treasured resource.  How do you look at time?  Have you ever thought about it?  How do you address time issues?  Do you say you are going to “schedule things better so I can spend my time more wisely?”  Do you “spend your time running errands, picking up kids, going to work, doing laundry, and with friends?”  Do you “spend time trying to prioritize?”

Do you often feel weary, worn out, and like you’ve wasted time when you look back at your day?

What if you changed one little word in your thinking and vocabulary?  Change the word “spend” to “Invest.” 

Now go back and rethink, readjust your day.  Today I – “invested my time with my kids, we had good conversation or sang songs in the car when I picked them up.  I invested my time doing laundry, making sure we all have clean clothes, look healthy, and well taken care of.  I invested my time going to work because I have a job to do and it helps me to be able to get the things I want and need.  Today, I invested my time with a few friends so our relationships will continue to grow, and we laugh, cry, share and support each other.”  Today matters.  Did you feel the shift and how everything seems less stressful when you are “investing” instead of “spending?”

Just one little word can make a difference in your outlook and your attitude.  Don’t follow the majority in the frantic search of how to “spend” your time, instead take a stand, be more proactive, and decide how you will invest your time.  Those decisions you make today will make a difference tomorrow.

Cherry Coley (c)