Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a holiday that became official in 1914, and is not celebrated all over the world.  Why not, being a mother should be celebrated and enjoyed. 

My mom was an older mother.  She wanted to be a mom all of her life, it was something she yearned for from the moment she got married.  Yet, nature’s idea of “when” is not always the same as what we think it should be.  She hated going to church on Mother’s day.

Each Mother’s day the church would make a huge deal of recognizing different mother’s including; the oldest mom, the mom with the most children, the newest mom, the mom with the most generations present,  and the mother with the most grandchildren.  They would ask them to come down to the front of the church and give out flowers, bibles, or pins. 

My mom hated the entire ceremony, mostly because she sat in misery for years wishing and wanting children and wasn’t able to have any of her own.   She threw herself into working in the nursery, vacation bible school, teaching, and everything else to do with children.  Yet, there was a vacancy in her life.  Finally, mom was able to have children and fill that space in her heart, but what about the many women that can’t?

I love Mother’s day.  Yet, I have to say that my life has been filled with so many wonderful women that were mentors to me, many of which were not mothers.  Instead they were teachers, choir directors, drivers, artists, writers, story tellers, bosses, and entrepreneurs. 

Women generally are the nurtures, the tender touch, the comforters and gentle guides by nature, whether they are mothers or not.  So be kind, not just to the mother’s tomorrow, but to the women in your life.  We all play a part in each other’s lives each and every day, let us use this time as a reminder to appreciate and look for the best in each other.

Cherry Coley ©