To Write or Not To Write?

I have spent part of tonight writing letters.  Yes, letters – those things we used to write a lot of long ago, put a stamp on and send off in the mail.  Why?  Well call me a bit old-fashioned, worn out or whatever, but I enjoy receiving something other than bills and junk mail.  I LIKE writing letters; they are just a bit more personal, they take a little more effort than an instant message, a text message, an email or posting on Facebook.  Yes, it takes longer to get there, but it’s still nice! 

I even miss the letters written in handwriting.  I still have cards my grandma sent me when I was a child and we wrote to each other.  I confess I don’t usually write in handwriting, for a few reasons, but mostly because hand writing any length of time makes my wrist hurt.  So I will normally type the letter and then sign it – unless it is a card, then I will write on the card. 

Think about how much have we lost in letting that personal, physical touch fall by the wayside.   Even the kids now days resort to text messages – I bet some of them have NEVER written a note in class!!  Sacrilege!  (I apologize to all the teachers out there.) 

What about all the handwriting analysis people and theories?  If you don’t handwrite much and the person is somewhat out of practice, or has trouble writing by hand – does the analysis still hold true?

So, I am going to start writing more letters this year, just because I want too.   I miss getting cards in the mail, but confess that I haven’t sent any in a while, so what better way to start than to get re-acquainted with the notion of sending a smile by post office?  Strange notion, huh?  How funny to pause and think that some people will actually say, “that’s silly,” or “it will never catch on.”  Maybe not, but I will try anyway.  

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15 thoughts on “To Write or Not To Write?

  1. Me too! It’s so much more personal! There’s just something about both reaching out to someone and getting that handwritten letter in the mail! I’ve actually thought of asking for penpals – something we used to do at school and sunday school – write to people in other countries.
    Thank you for the comment!

  2. I love handwritten letters too, and cherish my notes from junior high! I do notice that my handwriting is less neat and practiced now that I do is so infrequently (I’ve even taken to making my grocery lists on an app on my phone) and my spelling is atrocious now that I’m so used to autocorrect and spell check.

  3. Really? Wow. I thought it was just me! I never thought about it that way. I’ve noticed my spelling is kind of falling some too. I refuse to do the text speak my kids do, and won’t let them write to me that way. I still have notes from high school and junior high, I was brave enough to even illustrate some of them. haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I don’t write letter any more. i write text messages to my parents, or Skype, or phone. But I feel the need to write notes in longhand and sometimes morning pages. Somehow this exercise helps me unblock my ideas. when I feel blocked I just start writing whatever comes to mind and it does miracles. I think it ‘s a great idea to write more letters. Come to think of it – in the past letter writing was elevated to the status of art by some great writers and lovers of the genre. Good luck!

    • I love the morning pages! They are a wonderful idea that I use as well! Those work really well written in longhand. I love letter writing, but I don’t do it enough. Maybe I will write short notes instead. We actually found love letters and updates from my grandpa to my grandma the other day. Priceless!! 🙂

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  8. I used to write 10 page letters to my Mom and Dad when I lived out of town back in the 70’s. They loved getting my “books” they’d call it. I study handwriting and I hope “handwriting” isn’t done away with. Enjoyed your post! …Ann

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