Peace – A Personal Perception

What is your perception of peace?  It’s an interesting word isn’t it?  Some think of peace and they are thinking about there being no hostilities, no war, or arguments.  I think of peace and it brings to mind pictures of serenity, which for me always turns to nature.  I love the quiet walk in the woods, or sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in and the seagulls playing in the air.  I love walking at the duck pond not far away from where we live on a nice day.  The sounds of the ducks and geese as they waddle along in the park give me a feeling of peace. 

I love the serenity that can be found in a garden, walking among the flowers, listening to the rustle of the leaves in the wind, hearing the occasional song of a bird, watching a squirrel scamper up a tree then turn and peek back at me. 

 Peace for me is also found in front of a fireplace, propped up on a pillow and reading a good book in the winter.  I love taking time to meditate with candles and/or incense, releasing the anxiety and worries of the day and letting them drift away in the smoke as it rises.

 Van Gogh had the right idea when he created Starry Night too, I love watching the stars and moon at night.  I miss walking at night so bad sometimes it’s like a physical yearning, but it’s just not that safe to walk at night, and since I no longer have my wolf, I just don’t do it anymore. 

 For the most part I find that peace is simply a state of mind, and when the world is racing frantically around me, building up to some crash level of highly stressful activity, I have been known to “check out” go outside or even just to the car at lunch time and take a moment to close my eyes to escape to one of my peaceful places.  If I’m at home I might do some yoga or Tai Chi.  It just puts me in a better state of mind and helps me to be able to go back to whatever I am doing with a smile on my face and calm in my spirit.   Inner peace is something visualized, a spiritual connection, a gift that I am greatly thankful for.

 Cherry Coley (c)