People Watching

I occasionally work on the weekends doing demonstrations and handing out samples at Target.  I started working this job for several reasons: extra money, meeting new people, expanding my horizons by doing something different, and my favorite thing – people watching.

Today I was handing out the Lindt Lindor milk chocolate bunny samples.  They were tiny bite sized versions of the larger Easter bunnies and they were delicious!

My favorite part of this job?  Sure, I like seeing the parents hand their children the little bunnies and watching their faces light up, but more than that I LOVE giving those little bunnies out to the older people

There were three older women, probably in their mid to late 60’s that were just plain giddy when they were handed the bunnies.  One of them laughed and clapped her hands before taking the bunny.  Then they all started talking about Easters from their childhood, hunting eggs, going to church on Easter Sunday and the tricks they used to play on each other.

Yep, that’s what I enjoy, the interaction with people of all ages and just for a moment, getting a small glimpse into another life.  It makes me want to gather a whole lot of eggs and Easter bunnies and head to the nursing homes or children’s ward of the hospitals to wish them a Happy Easter.   How wonderful to have an opprotunity to share a smile with someone else for a moment.  I know it really made my day.

Cherry Coley (c)