A Bit on Understanding the Law of Attraction

photo by Cherry Coley

Have you ever stopped to think that God never intended for us to be satisfied?

Think about it, if we ever got to the point of complete satisfaction, would we be happy? What more would there be to strive for, learn from, work on if we were completely satisfied?  Would you really even know what that looks like?  Most of us are still working on finding our specific purpose in this life.

We are internally programmed that once one desire has been achieved or fulfilled, we immediately find something else better or more interesting to reach for.  This programming ensures that we keep moving, keep growing, keep living life the way we were intended too. 

What we focus on and put our energy into is what we attract into our lives.  If you focus on the “lack of” things in your life like: not having a relationship, not having enough money, possessions, a good car, a job you like, whatever it might be, to continually focus your mind and energy on the negative aspect and endless wishing from a perspective of being resentful, worried or discontent, you will bring more of the same thing into your life.  You will not bring positive things into your life as long as you dwell in the realm of the negative. 

 The old saying about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is true in the sense that as soon as you change your attitude, your thoughts and start applying your energy to focusing on improving yourself from where you are right now, you will start to attract positive things into your life.  It may or may not happen immediately, in many cases it doesn’t and people automatically start to lose hope.  However, chances are events are put in to motion the second you make your concentrated effort to change, but you have to open yourself up to see not only the changes in yourself, but in your surroundings as well.  This takes time and practice to be able to see the opportunities that are starting to appear in your path.  This is where a good friend or life coach comes handy.  By discussing events or circumstances in your life as they happen, they can, in essence, hold up a mirror and help you see things you may have missed.  A life coach can offer a different perspective and help you set reasonable and easily obtainable goals along the way.  I know in my own life, the coaching I have received has been the most important aspect in my personal growth and being able to put bad relationships, and an abusive marriage behind me. 

 Make no mistake; it is hard work to change your perspective and attitude on a consistent basis.  You will not always feel the sunshine and hear the birds singing, but brighter days are on the horizon and finding yourself and then being true to the person you are inside is well worth the effort. 

 In future posts I will be sharing bits and pieces of my personal journey.   It is my hope you will find something in my ramblings, nostalgia and life lessons to enjoy or take with you on the way.

 In the mean time, remember you attract more of what you focus on into your life every day, whether you intend to or not.  Make an effort to see the bright side and look for opportunities to improve or learn from your experiences. 

 Cherry Coley ©

The Holidays are Here

Thanksgiving is over.   This year the kids, my mom and I, went to spend Thanksgiving with my brother, his wife and her family.  They did an excellent job cooking and pulling everything together and we got to see her side of the family which is always fun.  They are just good people to be around.  We did the usual,  telling funny stories and sharing memories.  My brother played recordings of my kids talking when they were babies.  Laughter and food was shared and enjoyed by all.

I also cooked a Thanksgiving meal for us so that we could share our own time at home and have leftovers to stretch out the week.  Making everyone’s favorites is always fun and makes for happy smiles for days.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, grateful for family, for the passing of another year, for the harvest that was planted, reaped and enjoyed.  It is an American tradition passed down through generations. 

Yet another tradition has reared its ugly head, the head of greed.  Driving to my brother’s house I was struck silent by how many businesses were open on Thanksgiving Day.  Not just hospitals, fire stations, and police stations, but gas stations, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, the big super stores all open for our convenience and in the name of the almighty dollar.  Really?  Do we really need so many people to miss out on the holiday because we want a container of cool whip, or a pie we forgot to make?  The funny thing is years ago when everything closed, we didn’t lament, we didn’t take it for granted, we planned ahead and got what we needed early because we knew they would be closed.  No big deal.

Then there’s the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I confess I went last year for the first time to one store at 7 a.m. to pick up a new laptop and printer.  It was a real bargain and I use both daily.  However, I am not one you will ever see fight the masses for a promised sale.  It’s just not in me to camp out or push my way through a crowd for anything.  Then again, I’m also not the “to die for” shopper who HAS to get the ultimate Christmas gift every year either.

I am a simple person.  I enjoy the holidays because they ARE the holidays.  I love the smells, the lights, the cool crisp air, that many people find their Christmas spirit and walk around humming or with a smile on their face, more than any other time of year.  It’s magic.  The energy is different, the people are different.  Whether you are religious or not, unless you are walking around oblivious, stressed, self-absorbed, depressed, or just plain too busy, if you will stop, just for a moment and look around you will feel the difference. 

Don’t let this season pass by with over-spending, high-drama, and too much stress.  It’s not really about out doing each other on presents.  It’s not about greed.  It’s about family and friends, being grateful for another year and appreciating the people in your life.  Take time to watch the Christmas movies, listen to Christmas stories, listen to the music and hymns of the season.  Just for a moment, with a prayer of thankfulness, there can be peace on earth.  God is good.

10 Things I’m Thankful For

The year of 2011 has been a year filled with great change. 

In January I was given a promotion at work and moved to an Underwriting position at the company I work for.  In February we prepared to move into the first rent house the kids and I have ever shared on our own.  It was a big step for us as a family.  At the end of the school year my youngest daughter went to youth camp with her school to Austin which was a first for her.  At the end of June my dad had surgery on a hernia and came through with flying colors.  In July, my oldest daughter took and passed her driving test and became an official designated driver.   In September, ten days after his birthday, my dad passed away suddenly.  A week later my uncle (dad’s brother) also passed away.   In October I was promoted again to work in the finance department at the company where I work.  Last week, I lost a good friend and amazing person I knew from my church.

This Thanksgiving has been a celebration of making it through another year as a family.  It has, in some ways, been somewhat bitter-sweet too.  This is the first Thanksgiving after my aunt’s passing around Christmas last year as well. 

If I can take a moment, I would like to say that this year I am thankful for:

  1. The time we had with my dad.  My kids got to experience and to know their grandparents. 
  2. I’m thankful that I have two beautiful, highly creative and talented girls that I love more than life its self.
  3. I’m thankful that I have work that I can do every day to provide for my family and pay the bills.
  4. I’m thankful for the friends that are so much like family, they have listened, supported, cared for and helped us through the tough times.
  5. I’m thankful for my brother, his wife and their wonderful family.
  6. I’m thankful for the military men and women who sacrifice and fight for freedom daily, even though most people, (including me) sometimes take it for granted.  They are not forgotten.
  7. I’m thankful that my dad and my uncle were Navy men and were proud to fight for their country.
  8. I’m thankful that I grew up in a Christian home and was given a firm foundation, morals and understanding of what’s right and wrong to build on.
  9. I’m thankful I inherited artistic and creative writing talents that I enjoy daily.
  10. Most of all I am thankful that I live in a place where I can share my views with people who I care about and with people who I have not met yet.  America is a great country and I am proud to be an American.

I am not sure what other changes lie in store for the rest of this year, or what 2012 will bring.  I only know that with the prayers and love of the people in my life….I’m ready, I’m strong enough, and sure that we can handle it.  The future is ever brighter and it’s an exciting time to be alive.  I am grateful to be here and to be able to experience new things each day.