It’s a Start Right?

For months I have fretted and wondering how to start a BLOG. I worried over set up, how it should look, should I add pictures? What on earth am I going to talk about? Should I center it on being a Life Coach and if so how would I do that? What sort of things should I include and should it just be around being creative?

In short, I blocked my creativity struggling to figure out how  creative. So, I went back and took stock of myself wondering why when I sat down to write at the computer I suddenly became so very intimidated by the blank page. It was an amazing thing considering my favorite things to do are writing and art. What kind of coach would I be if I can’t even get myself in gear to move forward?

The realization I came to is this: I am what I am, and what I am, is a creator.  I am a writer and artist FIRST and a coach for others second. Somehow recognizing that this is indeed how I am created and my purpose unlocked me and the blank page no longer has the power to feel forbidding or intimidating.  What better way is there to spend my time than to help others be creative while enjoying and experiencing all that life has to offer?

So what’s the answer?  Be authentic in everything you do. Once you have given yourself to your true purpose things start to flow in the direction they are supposed to with minimal effort and much enjoyment, and when you make a life of serving and helping others reach their goals and define their dreams, there is no greater sense of accomplishment. 

Cherry Coley (c)